This morning I carved out some time to write: forty-five minutes or so, before work. I sat staring at the screen, the friendly UI I’ve got set up for drafting, and I wrote:

What do I want to write about? I have no idea.

If in doubt, fiddle around with something that is marginally productive, topically related, but easier to grapple with, right? So I looked up the submission guidelines for Zyzzyva – that was fast, they’re closed for submissions, with no reopen date – and for Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, which calls itself a zine but is – maybe? I’m not sure – more of an old-school magazine of Neat And Interesting Stuff. LCRW wants submissions on paper, with a SASE, Courier font on the m.s. – old-school indeed.

I am a human who loves the juxtaposition of at-first-appear-to-be-conflicting perspectives, and I am no-end delighted that LCRW wants submissions on paper while publishing mostly speculative fiction. I mean, that is right up there with the gorgeous juxtaposition of Christopher Walken dancing in Fatboy Slim’s music video set in a hotel lobby. Awesome and gorgeous.

Anyway, while I was browsing around LCRW’s website – which is itself also pretty old-school, the menu design & layout is straight out of the late 1990s – not to mention their appreciation of the word zine – I found the section that is basically their blog, and it is human and personal and just, like, writing a letter to the universe and generally reminded me of how fun blogs can be …

… hence this post.

And it looks like this is what I wanted to write this morning. I’m off to work, at least virtually – if you’re reading this, have a lovely day.

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