About … me? this blog? life?

A couple of weeks back, I wrote an updated About page for this blog. This morning I re-read it, and you know what? It’s not a bad blog post in its own right.

So here it is.

It’s tricky to know what to say in an ‘about’ page. I started blogging back in … 2004 or 2005, maybe? Blogger was the main game in town, and social networks hadn’t gotten big. I’d just started working at Google and I liked the idea of things I was interested in showing up online, curated by me – for an audience, largely, of myself. My first posts were lists of ideas and places I didn’t want to forget.

Nineteen years later, I still work at Google (the opinions & ideas I post here are very definitely my own, not my employer’s). The internet has changed and shifted in ways much bigger than I’m inclined or likely to capture here. I’ve changed my blog’s name and hosting, and taken down most of my old posts.

I write about gardening, work, poetry, walking, reading, technology – and a scatter of other things. I hope some of what I write is helpful or meaningful to someone else.

Background-wise, I grew up in California. I went to college in New York. I’ve traveled a fair amount, including significant time in the middle & southern US; the UK; New Mexico; Peru; and shorter trips elsewhere. I care about words, and about the ways perception & reality intersect.

I’ve been published in Modern Haiku, was a featured reader at Coastside Poetry in Half Moon Bay, and a selected reader at Lit Nights in San Francisco. I have ambitions to do more along those lines.

I’m updating this page in March 2023, about three years after the pandemic lockdowns began. It’s been a strange few years. I don’t believe in going back to normal, but I’m interested to see what the next normal looks like. I’m convinced we’re all still figuring it out.

Good wishes to you & yours, whereever you may be.

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