Question: if you blog on WordPress, what do you use to actually write your posts?

Hello there. It’s been a while.

I’m thinking about – just thinking, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! – of blogging a bit more. And this causes me to realize: I vastly, vastly, and I mean vastly, dislike’s block editor as a place to actually write.

So. If you’re reading this, and you blog on WordPress, I’m curious: what do you use to actually write? The block editor? Something else? Do you write in some other program, and then copy/paste in?

Separately although perhaps relatedly, I’ve been writing a bit more in general. It could even be said that I have a plan. I also have a lot of opinions about software, some of which I may post here when I’ve had a chance to give them a bit longer of a try.

Meanwhile, in the outer world, it’s beginning to feel like fall. We’re back to watching smoke warnings here, but so far it’s not too bad. I planted my fall garden – more about that later! – and I’m contemplating how to help a struggling citrus tree. The baby quail have grown into teenagers, and the baby lizards are a bit larger, but no more clever than they ever were about avoiding running directly under my gardening boots in search of shade. So far I’ve avoided stepping on them, but it takes real effort!

If you’re reading this – I hope you’re well! Till later, take care out there.

5 thoughts on “Question: if you blog on WordPress, what do you use to actually write your posts?

  1. I have become used to the Block Editor and use that though I have on occasion used Microsoft Word and then copied and pasted. I find the “Save a Draft” feature convenient in the Block Editor and make use of that – a quick few sentences of an idea left to be written up later/never!


  2. I resisted WP Block Editor for as long as I could but am a convert. I write direct to this blog but write in Word then copy/paste on another (for writing), problem is WP doesn’t keep the format of pasted text (indented paragraphs and dialogue). For gardening posts, I like to mark a text block with a full-stop then add images, then go back and fill in the text. So I suppose it depends on what you want to do, how long you want to spend, and how you want it to look; which is probably no help whatsoever!


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