Small-town election notes

The election is coming up on Tuesday. In the small town where I live, there are five candidates for city council. Three are men, two are women. I didn’t know much about any of them going into the election, so this morning I spent a while reading about them online. I care about this town; I’d like to vote for people who will make good choices for it!

And here’s the thing: as far as opinions about any of the candidates goes, I’m starting from a blank slate. I’d like to give each of them an equivalent chance to get my vote. But two of the three don’t have “policy” pages on their websites, so by definition I have less of a sense of what they’re about.

Those two are the women.


Come on, feminism, shouldn’t you be able to do better than this?! I need to know what you’re about in order to know whether I want to vote for you! You’re just undercutting yourself here.

As a side note, this is much the same way I feel about Gavin Newsom not including a candidate statement in the voter information pamphlet. Really?! Come on. I know you have a track record but really?! Don’t just dial it in. Do better than this!

Also, back on the city council side, one candidate has a whole page on his website about what his two small dogs have taught him about life and how this informs his policy positions and approach. This is either completely awesome, or a total red flag. I’m still deciding which.

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