Two years

March 2020 Two years ago today, I took a photograph of the parking lot at the office. It was emptier than I'd ever seen it on a business day. Two years ago, I held the door open for someone whose hands were full with laptop and lunch tray, and she looked at me shamefaced. "I … Continue reading Two years

Small wins

Somebody raised up one of the swings so it's high enough off the ground for a grown-up to swing on without their feet dragging! One of the best places I've found for strategic or career thinking is on a swing....

Huh. #work #efficiency

M., who was once a new grad reporting to me and with whom I'm still in touch as an interesting person to talk to, just sent me this article: I can still remember how mad I was, freshman year of high school, when my Spanish-class teacher wouldn't give me an A. I'd gotten A's on … Continue reading Huh. #work #efficiency