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dear markdown

dear markdown
I want you to work better
for poetry

Today’s my birthday. I’m gifting myself time to think: what do I want next? How might I get there?

And so I signed up for a writing class. It’s a class not on writing itself, but about how to submit writing to publications. Last fall’s writing class, a travel essay workshop group with Don George, was wonderful – hoping this is too.


On movement

The paths we take though a city are laid out in asphalt and stone
in side-yard fences 
in restaurants and convenience stores known and unknown. 

I drove down the freeway today, took the less-than-predictable exit,
one later than I'd planned - 
paused in front of a neon land laid out 
on the vertical white walls of the nearest museum. It 
cast a red glow like the firelight of the video installation 
in the next room over. 

When will I pass this way again?