October 1*

The smoke haze is back. In so many ways, October feels like a new beginning. The light changes. The air changes. Kids are back at school, and even here in California, it’s pretty definitely no longer summer. I grew up with an even stronger school-schedule vibe than most people: both my parents worked as teachers. … Continue reading October 1*

Peace and planning in 2020

A few weeks back I re-read Getting Things Done. It's a classic of productivity, and I'd been feeling overwhelmed: not by big things, which happily have settled down, but by daily life's minutia. I needed to wrangle things into place, and make space to move forward. Getting Things Done is interesting. The core idea involves … Continue reading Peace and planning in 2020

A January Experiment: Focused Deep Work

Late in November of last year, I took on some new responsibilities at work. My team grew. My role grew. The amount of stuff I'm responsible for grew. I'm going to have to do some things differently. So in January, I'm going to experiment. First, I overhauled my schedule so that I can have a … Continue reading A January Experiment: Focused Deep Work