Hi there. Nice to meet you!

It’s tricky to know what to say in an ‘about’ page. This blog covers a few topics – walking, gardening, writing, poetry, work – but it’s also a scatter of semi-formed ideas that crossed my mind while I was in the mood & space to write a blog post.

I write as a person who grew up in California, but has traveled a fair amount; who cares about words (um, yeah, blog!); and with a wide array of interests. Like most humans, I sometimes change my perspective or opinion about things. Professionally speaking, I work as a product manager at Google; but the opinions, ideas, etc I post are my own, not my employer’s.

In poetry terms, I’ve been published in Modern Haiku, October 2018, and I was a featured reader at Coastside Poetry in February 2019. That’s a while back… fingers crossed for more in future! And maybe some essays, too. It’s been a strange few years.

Good wishes to you & yours, whereever you may be.